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Avoid long lineups for daily things like getting your groceries, going to the liquor store, or any daily needs you have where a line stops you from getting it.

Going out for some fun? Avoid the exhausting lineups by hiring a line pro to hold your place in line so you can arrive on time, and in style.

Tired of waiting to get into a store for Black Friday, Boxing Day, or the release of new tech like the latest iPhone? We’ve got a line pro for that too!

Let’s face it, in order to get in a sporting venue or a concert, you’ve gotta show up way ahead of time. Our line reps can hold you a sweet spot in advance.

Going out with friends or your significant other? We’ve got a line rep who can act as a concierge and hold your spot in line at restaurants. Need an extra person to meet minimum reservation requirements? Use one of our line pros to meet the requirements to get in.

Canada’s Wonderland, Marineland, or your local circus, we’ve got a line pro to reserve you a spot so you can access the rides way faster. 

Original art pieces by local artists from the Greater Toronto Area. Support local artists and own an original piece today.

We can provide you a line pro for any line you need if scheduled in advance. Connect with us to see how our line pros can get you covered.

Avoid paying high fees through online ticketing platforms by skipping the middleman. We have tickets for Toronto Raptors and Toronto Football Club (TFC) games available here. While supplies last.

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